We are hiring!

Mammoth and moth.social are built by a small team. We’re all-in on open source and the fediverse, and we’re also a startup, with support from Mozilla, Marc Benioff, Long Journey Ventures and others.

We are looking to hire a few full-time team members. These positions are all full-time (we do like to start with a few consulting projects, to get to know each other), but we need you to have at least 3 hours of daily working hours in common with regular California working hours. We believe that building an inclusive and diverse workplace is key to our long-term success.

A backend & fediverse engineer. You’ll be building backend services that benefit all Mammoth users, features for the moth.social instance, and, over time, upstream patches to the Mastodon project. Def a Jaxx Of All Trades position: the bulk of your work will be thinking about backend code, in Ruby, but ideally you’ll moonlight as our sysadmin, at least at first. And you’ll constantly be thinking about the fediverse architecture, and brainstorming with our client engineers about how to deliver better user experiences into the app (“hey, let’s show users everyone that person is following, not just the folks on their shared server, as long as it respects their privacy settings. What’s the best way to do that and be a good citizen?”)

Community & QA lead. Another Wear Many Hats position. You’ll be running our @mammoth and @daily accounts, and be the voice of the community. You’ll be super tech-savvy and know everything that’s going on in the world of Mastodon. And on the side you’re our QA lead, helping us file, triage, and QA issues.

Fullstack Designer. You care deeply about end-to-end user experience, love the promise of the fediverse and want to make it much more approachable for “the rest of us”. You enjoy playing with pixels in Figma, tweaking marketing assets or our logo, but you’re also into thinking about how we want the app to behave in a year, when Mastodon will be ready for the Next 100 Million users.

Interested? Shoot us an email to info at moth.social. Make sure to include links to your Github or portfolio and tell us why you’re excited!