Mammoth is now in Beta!

By Shihab Mehboob

Hey y’all! Mammoth has been growing steadily over the past few weeks, and we’re excited for what’s still to come. Today we’re entering beta and focusing on the initial app launch. Along with that, Mammoth is getting a whole new look with a gorgeous new app icon and default color, a great new onboarding experience, and a bagfull of bug fixes and stability improvements to make your experience even more enjoyable.

The new Mammoth icon is immediately noticeable on your Home Screen and in your notifications. You can’t help but keep glancing over to look at it, and neither can you resist the temptation to tap it. It is full of fun and a joy to look at, and best of all, its silhouette is instantly recognisable. The new app icon also comes with a set of 20+ alt app icons, all of which are hand-crafted to match your own unique preference. Read all about designer Matthew Skiles’ journey designing them here!

Mammoth’s onboarding experience has grown tenfold, both in its joy and its value. Most of us associate empty profile pictures with bot accounts, so Mammoth now has the ability to add a profile pic built into the flow, along with display names. Furthermore, we’re aware how hard it can be to get started with Mastodon and find interesting people, and Mammoth now presents a list of amazing hand-curated people from across the fediverse. Perfect for first-timers! This new onboarding experience, coupled with the previously available easy sign up to, instantly elevates the Mastodon experience.

If you’re new to Mastodon, Mammoth is the perfect intro to the space. No confusion or mental overload with server selection of finding interesting people to follow, and you can get started immediately.

➡ Our default server for new accounts ( is growing quickly, and we hope to see you on there to help us debug & welcome you to our community! Just click on Create An Account when you install the app. Don’t worry, you can still (and always) connect to all your existing Mastodon accounts. We’re evolving our instance’s feature-set to add cool and useful features going forward.

Mammoth is also moving to a new home (The BLVD, Inc.). To make that work with Apple’s Developer setup etc, we settled on an entirely new app build on your homescreen. Please delete any prior build, as it won’t be receiving any updates from here onwards, and move over to the new one on TestFlight. Regrettably, we’re unable to transfer folks over to the new TestFlight, so this is a new first-come-first-serve set of 10,000 beta slots.

We’re stoked for the road ahead!